August 29

Monday- August 29, 2016

Today you will take a Pre- Test that covers the physical geography of Europe. This pre-test will determine what you already know about Europe’s geography. It will not be graded, we are just looking for growth!

Here are the directions:

  1. Go to the I-Respond Web App
  2. For class ID enter: kasisi.brown
  3. For PIN enter: Your student ID #

After the pre-test:

Use this time to review for tomorrow’s Unit Test! Use the links below.

Quizlet Connecting Themes


Citizen Participation Chart

Quizlet Governments

Quizlet- Economics

Types of government Infographic

Economic Systems Infographic

Trade Barriers Infographic

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August 28

Week 5- Week of August 29, 2016

Tentative Schedule 

Monday- Pre-Test Geography of Europe (New unit) and review for current unit

Tuesday- Post Test (Connecting Themes Unit)

Wednesday- Europe mapping activity

Thursday- Learn about the physical geography of Europe

Friday- Guidance Lesson with Mrs. Gray (School Counselor)

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August 25

Thursday- August 25, 2016

Reminder….. Quiz tomorrow! It will cover government and economics concepts. Use your notes and this blog to prepare. You may find the following helpful.

Quick Guide to Governments

Citizen Participation Chart



Today we learned about Trade Barriers. If you were absent please use the resources below. ***Note- the resources on the blog may be different from what was used in class, but it contains the same information.

Trade Barriers

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August 22

Monday- August 22, 2016

Students in periods 1 and 2 received a Study Contract. The contracts are due Friday!  See attached Study Contract

Today  students completed differentiated tasks based on their performance on Friday’s quiz. This assignment will be due Thursday.

Tier 1 Task- If you scored less than 69%….

Complete ONE box below

Tier 2 Task – If you scored between 69%-81%….

Complete ONE box below

Tier 3 Task – If you scored 88% and above….

Complete ONE box below

Complete 6 Frayer Models using the following words: Autocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Unitary, Federal and Confederation.


Create a poster collage that shows the 3 ways that governments distribute power (unitary, federal and confederation) and the 3 ways citizens participate in government (autocracy, oligarchy and democracy). Create an original game using facts that you learned while studying the various forms of government.
1. Summarize autocracy, oligarchy and democracy with 2 paragraphs. Which would you rather live in and why?


2. Create a Triple Venn diagram to compare and contrast unitary, federal and confederation. Provide a paragraph summary of your Venn diagram.


Write 3 diary entries about what life is like for a citizen. One entry should be from the perspective of someone living in an Autocratic form of government. The second entry should reflect the experiences of someone living in a democracy. The third from the stand point of someone living in an oligarchy. Write a song, rap or poem that accurately explains power distribution: unitary, federal and confederation as well as citizen participation: autocratic, oligarchic and democratic.
You may also be asked to join me for small group instruction to ensure you are clear about the assignment. Research what it is like to live in a country that is ran by a dictator or an absolute monarch. Write a one page report the reveals your findings. Write a news report to inform the public about how autocratic, oligarchic and democratic nations operate.


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August 21

Week of August 22nd

This week we will  continue with our Connecting Themes Unit by beginning  learn learn about economics systems.

Tentative Schedule for the Week

Monday- Government Systems Review/Extension

Tuesday and Wednesday- Economic Systems

Thursday- Economic Trade Barriers

Friday- Review and Quiz  ….. Unit Test will be next Tuesday!!

Use the resources below practice Economics concepts


Quizlet Economics Link

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